Environment Protection

Environmental Responsibility and Commitment of 3Y Bearing

〓Frugal use

Energy saving

26 ° C room temperature control

Save electricity, water, and paper

Saving packaging materials (transportation energy consumption)


Classify paper, newspapers, magazines, as waste

Classification of wooden strips, boxes, and boards

Collection of print cartridges and toner cartridges

Old electromagnetic collection

If conditions permit, try to use recycled paper as much as possible

Transport pallet recycling

Education and publicity

All employees participate in environmental protection, and employees participate in environmental protection activities or lectures once a year

Notify our subcontractors, customers, and agents of our commitment to environmental protection

Green environment

Planting trees every year

Increase the proportion of green belts in factories

Pollution reduction

Try to use non-toxic ink as much as possible

Minimize the generation of pollutants during the production process

The production workshop adopts a centralized water supply system