Quality Control

Quality is life, we must stick to it at all times

〓Production process

Forging: The bearing ring is processed using a forging process, which results in a streamline distribution of the workpiece metal and an increase in material density, thereby increasing the service life of the bearing by 2-5 times.

Turning processing: CNC lathe is used for processing, strictly controlling the size and deformation of bearing parts, providing a good foundation for subsequent processing.

Heat treatment: The heat treatment equipment adopts advanced domestic roller mesh belt controlled atmosphere heat treatment continuous production equipment. There are 5 temperature control points for quenching and tempering, with precise temperature control, which improves the internal organizational structure of heat treated parts. Add low-temperature cleaning process to the process, reduce residual austenite inside the bearing, and improve the structural stability of the bearing during storage and use.


1. All grinding processes are carried out using high-precision CNC grinding machine equipment. High processing accuracy, high degree of automation, high consistency of products, and high reliability of product lifespan.

2. The grinding process shall comply with the internal standards of the enterprise with high control requirements.

3. Grinding process inspection includes first article inspection, process inspection, completion inspection, etc.

Testing equipment

Yuxi Length meter

Length meter

Used for measuring the length, diameter and other key dimensions of standard parts

Yuxi Japan Olympus metallographic microscope

Japan Olympus metallographic microscope

Used for testing the metallographic structure of raw materials and heat treatment to ensure the material and heat treatment structure

Yuxi Roughness meter

Roughness meter

Used for process control, roughness inspection of raceway, outside diameter, inside diameter, end face and other key dimensions

Management system

Passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification

ISO9001:2008 quality system certification