Exciting Review of Shanghai Bearing Exhibition | The exhibition has come to a successful end and will not end. Yuxi Bearing looking forward to meeting you again

On March 10, 2023, the 18th China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition, which lasted for four days, has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you to all new and old friends for your visit and guidance, as well as to every customer for their trust and support in us. Although the exhibition only lasts for 4 days, our passion will not fade. Yuxi Bearing staff will serve everyone with sincerity, integrity, sincerity, and enthusiasm, looking forward to meeting you again!

Looking back at the scene, it seems that there is still a bustle of people around, and the flow of exhibitors is endless. The wonderful moments of communication and negotiation at this exhibition are vividly remembered and worth pondering.

The exhibition area is very popular

At the booth, customers from all over the country and some foreign countries appeared in the exhibition area, and there was a flood of people and constant consultation on the booth. Exhibitors are overwhelmed and enjoy it!On site explanation of product features to customers

The products and promotional materials displayed on site have attracted many visiting guests to stop, read and consult, and the exhibitors have provided enthusiastic and patient answers. The exhibition area is bustling with people, and the popularity is quite high.

Although the exhibition has come to an end, the excitement will never come to an end. Yuxi Bearing will work together with you to create brilliance!

We will meet again in Shanghai in 2024!