Fan Industry

Professional fan bearing solutions

The application characteristics of the fan industry are continuous and high-speed operation, easy heating of bearings, and extremely strict requirements for bearing noise. In response to the operational requirements of the fan industry, Yuxi 3Y bearings adopt a special design and have developed a series of fan specific bearings. It not only meets the noise requirements of the fan industry for bearings, but also greatly improves the service life of bearings on fans. It can also produce high-temperature and high-precision bearings according to customer special requirements.

Main causes of fan failure (excessive bearing temperature rise, noise):

1.The installation of the shaft and rolling bearing is skewed, and the front and rear bearings are not concentric;

2.The bearing clearance is too small and there is no clearance after installation;

3.Severe vibration of the bearing box;

4.Poor lubricant quality, containing impurities, dust, dirt, or insufficient filling;

5.The tightening force of the connecting bolts of the bearing box cover and seat is too large or too small;

6.During the heating process of the bearing, the demagnetization is not clean or there is oil stains;

7.There are bumps and scratches on the surface of the bearing rollers and the inner race raceway;

Main models of fan bearings:

22310P6,22312 P6,22313 P6,22316 P6,22318 P6,22319 P6,

22320 P6,22322 P6,22324 P6,22326 P6,22328 P6,22332 P6,

22334 P6,22336 P6,22338 P6,22340 P6,22344 P6,22348 P6,

21308 P6,21309 P6,21310 P6,21312 P6 ,21315 P6,21316 P6,

21318 P6,21322 P6,22224 P6,22230 P6,22238 P6,2312M P6,

2313M P6,2316M P6,2320M P6