Withdrawal sleeves are suitable for mounting tapered bore bearings on stepped shafts with a cylindrical seat. The withdrawal sleeve is pressed into the bearings inner ring, the bearing should be installed against a fixed component, such as a shaft shoulder. A lock nut is used to secure the withdrawal sleeve on the shaft. Hydraulic nuts are used for larger bearings, where the mounting forces are significant during the installation, and ease the installation due to reduced friction.

◆Withdrawal sleeves can be used to mount bearings with a tapered bore onto the cylindrical seat of stepped shafts.
◆The sleeve is pressed into the bore of the bearing inner ring, which abuts a shaft shoulder or similar fixed component.
◆The sleeve is located on the shaft by a nut or an end plate. KM or HM lock nuts (Lock nuts requiring a keyway) with appropriate locking devices are suitable.

Applications of Adapter Sleeves / Withdrawal Sleeves
Adapter sleeves are mainly used in machinery, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical, aerospace, coal, petroleum, automotive, engineering machinery, steel industry, mining industry, cement industry, metallurgical and other industries.

selectInquirydimensionsLock nutAppropriate bearing(s)(kg)
G Threaddd1B1Lock nutAppropriate bearing(s)(kg)
M200X3 190 180 112 KM40 22238K 3.9
Tr220X4 200 190 118 HM44 22240K 4.7
Tr240X4 220 200 130 HM48 22244K 9.4
Tr260X4 240 220 144 HM52 22248K 11.5
Tr280X4 260 240 155 HM56 22252K 13.5
Tr300X4 280 260 155 HM60 22256K 14.8
Tr320X5 300 280 170 HM64 22260K 17.5
Tr340X5 320 300 180 HM68 22264K 20