Self-aligning ball bearing WITH PASSION AND COMMITMENT

Double row self-aligning ball bearings

Main dimensions Tapered bore Cage Tolerance Radial clearance Vibration level Combination of symbols

P6 + C3 = P63    C3 + C6 = C36

For operating temperature higher than 120°C specially stabilized double row self-aligning ball bearings with stabilized dimensions for operating temperature from 150°C to 400°C (S0, S1, S2, S3, S4,S5) are produced. Delivery of stabilized bearings should be discussed in advance.Double row self-aligning ball bearings can accept misalignment of the bearing rings.Values of permissible misalignment without affecting the correct bearing operation are stated in the following table.Radial equivalent dynamic load

Pr = Fr + Y1.Fa – for Fa/Fr ≤ e (kN)

Pr = 0,65.Fr + Y2.Fa –for Fa/Fr > e (kN)

Factor values e, Y1 a Y2 for individual bearings are stated in the table section.Radial equivalent static loadPor = Fr + Y0.Fa (kN)Factor values Y0 are stated in the table section.The designation of basic designs and common modifications of the bearings is specified in the dimension tables. Modification of the basic design is indicated by additional symbols according to the norm STN 02 4608.